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Tel: 1-855-946-2244

Why take the test?

Potential immunity

IGM antibodies appear first in the blood, indicating a virus infection. The presence of IGG antibodies helps to determine whether a symptomatic or asymptomatic person has been infected with the virus. Based on the behavior of most viral infections, the presence of antibodies indicates that a person could develop potential immunity to the virus in question.

Confirm your status

Asymptomatic or cured patients are not eligible for a virus screening by PCR (the test done which determines if you have Covid-19 at this precise moment) in the public system in order to confirm their status. Only patients presenting symptoms and respecting certain conditions are screened. Therefore, this antibody test is the only way to know if you have already potentially contracted the virus.

Approved for all travels

The test offered by our clinic is done by a world renowned laboratory and is approved for all travels. The government, in its fight against COVID-19, advocates the approach of serological tests, since this will allow in particular to estimate the proportion of the population that has been exposed to the virus.

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